George Cross Recipients


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Those who were entitled to Exchange their original award of either the Edward or Albert Medal but chose not to or did not get the chance to choose are all included. Some preferred to be known as Albert or Edward Medallists rather than GCs and this has been respected in the Book.

I am always interested to hear of sales of medals, of new awards and of course of passings away. New memorials are erected from time and time and these too are of interest. I hope to hear from families particularly those who have not been in touch before.

If the person you are looking for is NOT in the database then he/she was NOT awarded the George Cross. The only George Medal recipients included are those who were additionally awarded the George Cross. If you are in doubt about any medal which you think may be a GC please compare it with the image - all George Crosses look like this.George Cross Medal

For living recipients please see below the main list.








Original Award


ABBOTT, Edmund Geoffrey Lieutenant Royal Navy Shipboard fire rescue 12-Mar-20 AM
ABBOTT, George Fawcett Pitts Deck Hand Royal Naval Reserve Pilot rescue (1 other) 12-Dec-17 AM
ADAMSON, George John Inspector River Traffic Police, Calcutta, Bengal Explosives act. (1 other) 01-Feb-37 EGM
ALDER, Thomas Edward L/Sgt. 2nd Bn., The Green Howards Anti-piratical duties 04-Aug-31 EGM
ALDERSON, Thomas Hopper (1st GC awarded) Mr. Detachment Leader, ARP Blitz rescue 30-Sep-40 GC
ALI BEY, Yusuf Hussein Qaid Trans-Jordan Frontier Force Gang defeat & capture 03-Jan-39 EGM
ALLEN, Florence Alice Miss. Children's Nurse Earthquake rescue 19-Nov-35 AM
ALLPORT, Ernest Mr. Miner, Bentley Colliery, Yorkshire Mine firedamp rescue (+5) 30-Sep-32 EM
ANDERSON, Frederick Christie Ch.Eng.Artif. Royal Navy Gunman arrested 08-Jun-39 EGM
ANDERSON, Walter Flg. Off. Royal Air Force Pilot rescue offshore (+1) 12-Apr-29 EGM
ANDREWS, Wallace Lancelot 2nd Lt 22/23 Bomb Disp. Sect, Corps of RE Bomb disposal 17-Sep-40 EGM
ANSARI, Matreen Ahmed Captain 7th Rajput Regiment, Indian Army Fortitude as POW 18-Apr-46 GC
ARCHER, Bertram Stuart Trevelyan A/Lieut. Corps of Royal Engineers Bomb disposal 30-Sep-41 GC
ARMITAGE, Robert Selby T/Lieut. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Bomb disposal 27-Dec-40 GC
ARMYTAGE, Reginald William Lieutenant Royal Navy Shipmate rescue (+1) 02-Aug-28 AM
ARNOLD, Walter Ld. Acfm Royal Air Force Air crash, pilot rescue 09-Nov-28 EGM
ASHBURNHAM, Doreen Miss. 11 year-old girl Fighting off a cougar 20-Dec-17 AM
ASHRAF-un-NISA Begum Begum of Hyderabad Fire rescue 01-Feb-37 EGM
ATKINSON, Thomas Corporal 1st Bn., The Green Howards Fire rescue 25-Jul-39 EGM
AXON, John Mr. Driver, British Rail Train crash driver 07-May-57 GC


BABINGTON, John Herbert T/Sub-Lieut. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Bomb disposal 27-Dec-40 GC
BAGOT, Arthur Gerald Sub-Lieut. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Explosives removed 20-Aug-18 AM
BAILEY, Eric George Sergeant New South Wales Police Force, Aust. Fatally wounded in arrest 29-Oct-46 GC
BAIN-SMITH, George Stewart Lieutenant RA, secd. Ind Army Ordnance Corps Mountain rescue 30-Sep-27 AM
BAKER, John Thomas Pit Lad South Garesfield Colliery, Durham Mines rescue (+1) 22-Nov-29 EM
BALDWIN, Wilson Charles Geoffrey Dr. Asst.Works Mgr, Munitions Factory Explosives rescue 16-Apr-43 EM
BAMFORD, John Mr. Colliery Worker (Aged 15) Fire rescue 16-Dec-52 GC
BANKS, Arthur Sergeant 112 Sqn., Desert Air Force, RAFVR Fortitude as POW 05-Nov-46 GC
BAREFOOT, Herbert John Leslie A/Maj. Corps of Royal Engineers Bomb disposal pioneer 22-Jan-41 GC
BARNETT, William L/Cpl. 1st Bn, The Scots Fusiliers Emergency operations 27-Nov-36 EGM
BARRACLOUGH, Arnold Sergeant Assam-Bengal Rly. BIAF Attack on armed raiders 25-Nov-30 EGM
BASTER, Norman Mr. Colliery Agent, S.Kirby Colliery, Yorks. Mines rescue (+1) 17-Apr-36 EM
BASTIAN. Gordon Love Snr. Eng. Officer, Merchant Navy Shipboard rescue 17-Aug-43 AM
BAXTER, William Frederick Workman Standard Motor Co,Coventry Motor plant rescue 01-May-42 EM
BAYLEY, Clive Cyril Anthony Trooper Surma Valley Light Horse, Indian Army Attack on armed raiders 24-Jul-31 EGM
BEAMAN, George William Mr. Miner, South Kirby Colliery, Yorkshire Mines rescue (+1) 17-Apr-36 EM
BEATON, James Wallace Inspector Metropolitan Police (Royal Bodyguard) Royal kidnap foiled 27-Sep-74 GC
BEATTIE, John Mr. Miner, Trimdon Grange Coll, Durham Mines rescue (+1) 03-May-27 EGM
BECKETT, John Archibald Sergeant Royal Air Force Aircraft fire rescue 16-Dec-47 GC
BELL, John Frederick Mr. U/g. Mgr, Ariston Gold Mine, Gold Coast Mines rescue 02-Dec-30 EGM
BENNER, Michael Paul 2nd Lt Corps of Royal Engineers Alpine rescue attempt 17-Jun-58 GC
BIGGS, Kenneth Alfred T/Major Royal Army Ordnance Corps Ammo. train rescue (+1) 11-Oct-46 GC
BLACKBURN, Richard Private 1st Bn, The Cheshire Regiment Forest fire rescue 23-Jun-36 EGM
BLACKBURN, Sydney Mr. Shotfirer, Barnsley Main Coll, Yorks. Mines rescue 21-Nov-47 EM
BLANEY, Michael Floud A/Captain Corps of Royal Engineers Bomb disposal 15-Apr-41 GC
BLOGG, Henry George Coxwain Royal National Lifeboat Institution Lifeboat rescue 30-Jun-24 EGM
BOGDANOVITCH, Theodore Mulazim Trans-Jordan Frontier Force Attack on armed raiders 30-Jun-32 EGM
BONAR, Eric Watt Flt.Sgt. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Aircraft fire rescue 05-Aug-32 EGM
BOOKER, David Noel Mr. Miner, Littleton Colliery, South Staffs. Mines rescue (+1, brother) 04-Feb-38 EM
BOOKER, Samuel Mr. Miner, Littleton Colliery, South Staffs. Mines rescue (+1, brother) 04-Feb-38 EM
BRETT, Douglas Alexander Major 9th Jat Regiment, Indian Army Armed attackers held (+1) 08-May-34 EGM
BRIDGE, John T/Lieut. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Depthcharge clearance 20-Jun-44 GC
BROADFOOT, David Radio Officer Merchant Navy Self sacrifice for rescue 06-Oct-53 GC
BROOKE-SMITH, Francis Haffey Sub-Lieut. Royal Naval Reserve Shipboard bomb disposal 27-Jun-41 GC
BROOKS, Arthur Private Queen's Royal Regt. (W.Surrey) Earthquake rescue 19-Nov-35 EGM
BROOKES, Victor Sgt Manchesters 1918 AM
BROWN, David Mr. O/man, Burngrange Shale Mine Attempted mine rescue 13-Jan-48 EM
BROWN, John Weller Mr. Workman Explosives rescue 03-Jun-44 EM
BROWN, Richard Leslie 2nd Lt The King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster) Grenade misfire rescue 04-Jan-18 EM
BRYSON, Oliver Campbell Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps (later RAF) Airplane crash rescue 11-Jan-18 AM
BUCKLE, Henry Mate Royal Navy (HMS Tiger) Shipboard gas rescue 27-Apr-20 AM
BURKE, John Lewis Victor Fire Officer Metro Vickers Stopping runaway horses 03-Jun-25 EGM
BURTON, Herbert Edgar Major Hon. Supt. Tynemouth Motor Life-Boat Offshore lifeboat rescue 30-Jun-24 EGM
BUTSON, Arthur Richard Cecil Dr. Member Falkland Is. Dependency Surv. Glacial crevasse rescue 28-Sep-48 AM
BUTTON, William John L/Sgt. No.48 Bomb Disposal Section, R.E. Bomb disposal 17-Sep-40 EGM
BYWATER, Richard Arthur Samuel Factory Develop.Officer Ministry of Supply Explosives rescue 26-Sep-44 GC


CAMPBELL, Alexander Fraser 2nd Lt Corps of Royal Engineers Bomb dispoasal 22-Jan-41 GC
CAMPION, Michael Patrick Ld. Acfm 90 Bomber Squadron, RAF Airplane crash rescue (+1) 05-Jul-40 EGM
CANNON, Horace James Flg.Sgt 24th Wing, Repair Section, RFC Airplane crash rescue 16-Apr-18 AM
CHALMERS, Jack Mr. Unknown Shark attack rescue 07-Jul-22 AM
CHALMERS, Robert Mills Petty Officer Royal Navy Disturbances "services" 18-Jun-26 EGM
CHANT, Frederick, H.D. Private 2nd Bn., Dorsetshire Regiment Military operations (+1) 02-Jun-23 EGM
CHARLTON, John Daniel Mr. Deputy, Hylton Colliery, Durham Mine gas rescue 10-Feb-48 EM
CHARLTON, Wilson Hodgson A/Flt.Lieut. Royal Air Force Bomb disposal 21-Jan-41 GC
CHARRINGTON, Harold Francis Asst.Civil Eng Air Ministry Works Airplane crash 08-Mar-40 EGM
CHILD, Frederick William Henry Maurice Mr. Hairdresser Civilian bomb disposal 05-May-39 EGM
CLARK, Joseph Mr. Miner, Trimdon Grange Coll., Durham Mines rescue (+1) 03-May-27 EGM
CLARKE, Azariah Mr. Rescue Bde, Holditch Coll., N.Staffs. Mine explosion rescue 05-Aug-38 EM
CLARKE, Donald Owen Apprentice Merchant Navy Courage after shipwreck 20-Jul-43 GC
CLEALL, Walter Charles Mr. ex Royal Welch Fusiliers (Welsh Guards) Hotel fire rescue 30-Dec-19 AM
CLEMENTS, John Mr. Schoolmaster Hotel fire rescue 07-Dec-76 GC
CLOSE, Gerald Charles Neil Pilot Off. Royal Air Force Airplane crash rescue 21-Dec-37 EGM
COBHAM, Anthony John Midshipman Royal Navy Shipboard explosion (+1) 01-Jan-30 EGM
COPPERWHEAT, Dennis Arthur Lieutenant Royal Navy Ammunition ship scuttled 17-Nov-42 GC
COWLEY, John Guise Lieutenant 16th Army Troops Coy., QVO, & R.E. Earthquake rescue 19-Nov-35 AM
CRADOCK, Frederick John Mr. Boilerman Attempted rescue 10-Sep-43 GC
CRAIG, Bert Mr. Miner, Nixon's Navig.Coll, Glam. Underground rescue 01-Jun-23 EM
CROSBY, Bertram Frederick Workman Film Waste Prod.Ltd, Ldn Works fire rescue 15-May-28 EM
CROSSLEY, Edwin Yard Foreman Admiralty Dockyard, Chatham Gas rescue 25-Feb-36 EGM
CROUCHER, Matthew Lance Corporal Royal Marines Reseve Prevented death and injury in Afghanistan 2008 GC


d'SOUZA, Baptista Joseph Shri Excise Constable, Bombay, India Protected wounded officer 03-Jun-31 EGM
DANCKWERTS, Peter Victor Sub-Lieut Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Bomb disposal 20-Dec-40 GC
DARKER, Richard Edward Mr. Miner, Bentley Colliery, Yorkshire Mine firedamp rescue (+5) 30-Sep-32 EM
DAVIES, Frederick Fireman National Fire Service Fire rescue 05-Feb-46 GC
DAVIES, Robert T/Lieut. Corps of Royal Engineers Bomb disposal 30-Sep-40 GC
DAVIS, Thomas Neil Ld/Seaman Royal Naval Reserve Prevent ship explosion 23-Mar-18 AM
DAY, Harry Melville Arbuthnot A/Lieut. Royal Marine Light Infantry Shipboard rescue 07-Jan-19 AM
DEEDES, Richard Captain The King's Shropshire Light Infantry Armed attackers held (+1) 08-May-34 EGM
DINWOODIE, Hubert Sqn.Leader 5140 Bomb Disposal Sqn, RAFVR Bomb disposal 04-Feb-47 GC
DIXON, John Mr. Electrician Rescued crane driver 23-Feb-40 EM
DOLPHIN, Albert George Hospital Porter SE Hospital, New Cross Self sacrifice 17-Jan-41 GC
DONOGHUE, Raymond Tasman Mr. Tram Conductor, Hobart, Tasmania Stopping runaway tram 11-Oct-60 GC
DOUGLAS, Robert Ewing Ld. Acfm Royal Air Force Rescued air crew 27-Mar-31 EGM
DOWLAND, John Noel Squadron Leader RAF Station, Manby, Lincolnshire Bomb disposal 07-Jan-41 GC
DUFFIN, Charles Godfrey Snr.Shipwright HM Dockyard, Portsmouth Underwater rescue 01-Feb-37 EGM
DUNCAN, Charles Alfred Private Parachute Regiment Grenade self sacrifice 09-Nov-43 GC
DULLER, Frank Gordon Miner Civilian Rescue 1918 EM
DUPPA-MILLER, John Bryan Peter T/Sub-Lieut. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Bomb disposal 14-Jan-41 GC
DURRANI, Mahmood Khan Captain 1st Bahawalpur Inf, Indian State Forces Fortitude as a POW 23-May-46 GC


EASTMAN, William Marsden Lieutenant Royal Army Ordnance Corps Bomb disposal 24-Dec-40 GC
EASTON, Jack Maynard Cholmondeley T/Sub-Lieut. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Bomb disposal 23-Jan-41 GC
EDWARDS, Arthur Frederick A/Bmbdr. Royal Field Artillery Conduct after explosion 22-Jan-18 EM
ELLINGWORTH, Reginald Vincent Ch.Petty Off. Royal Navy Bomb disposal 20-Dec-40 GC
ELLIS, Bernard George Lieutenant The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment) Grenade self sacrifice 18-Jul-19 AM
ELSTON, Ernest Matthew Private The West Yorks Regt.(POW Own) Earthquake rescue 19-Nov-35 EGM
EMANUEL, Errol John Mr. District Commissioner, Papua Quell native disturbance 01-Feb-72 GC
ERRINGTON, Harry Fireman Auxiliary Fire Service Rescued people from fire 08-Aug-41 GC
EVANS, David Hywel Sub-Lieut. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Shipboard rescue 31-Jan-19 AM


FAIRCLOUGH, John Gunner Royal Regiment of Artillery Rescued boys from fire 08-May-28 AM
FAIRFAX, Frederick William Det.Cons. Metropolitan Police Force Arresting suspect under fire 06-Jan-53 GC
FARR, John Henry Mr. Foundryman Rescued people in foundry 26-Jul-40 EGM
FARROW, Kenneth Constable Cardiff City Police Force Attempted child rescue 15-Oct-48 AM
FASSON, Francis Anthony Blair Lieutenant Royal Navy Retrieving documents 14-Sep-43 GC
FATTAH, Rashid Abdul Rais Trans-Jordan Frontier Force Outstanding leadership 12-Jul-38 EGM
FEETHAM, Christopher Fireman SS Hornsey Prevented ammo explosion 18-Mar-19 AM
FINNEY, Christopher Trooper Blues & Royals, Household Cavalry Rescuing fellow soldier. . 31-Oct-03 GC
FISHER, Bernard Mr. Jig Crane Driver, Sheffield, Yorkshire Rescued crane driver 15-Aug-39 EM
FLEMING, William George Coxwain Royal National Lifeboat Inst. Lifeboat rescue 30-Jun-24 EGM
FLETCHER, Donald Mr. Miner, Cresswell Colliery, Derbyshire Underground rescue 26-Jan-26 EM
FLINTOFF, Henry Harwood Mr. 13 year-old schoolboy Stopped runaway bull 08-Dec-44 EM
FORD, Albert Sergeant The Royal Welsh Fusiliers Grenade rescue 21-Aug-17 AM
FORD, Douglas A/Captain The Royal Scots Fortitude as POW 18-Apr-46 GC
FOSTER, William Lieutenant 7th Wiltshire (Sby) Bn., Home Guard Grenade self sacrifice 27-Nov-42 GC
FOX, Leslie Owen Depty.Party Leader LCC Heavy Rescue Service Bombsite rescue 20-Feb-45 GC
FRASER, Harriet Elizabeth. (later Mrs. BARRY) Miss. Staff Nurse, Terr.Force Nursing Service Hospial fire rescue 31-Jan-19 AM
FRASER, John Alexander Asst.Attorney General Colonial Service, Hong Kong Fortitude as POW 29-Oct-46 GC
FROST, Ernest Ralph Clyde Acfm 1st class 90 Bomber Squadron, Royal Air Force Aircraft crash rescue 05-Jul-40 EGM


GIBBONS, John Edward T/Lieut. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Sea rescue 11-Aug-42 AM
GIBBS, Stanley Frederick Mr. Unknown Shark rescue 08-Feb-27 AM
GIBSON, Michael Sergeant No.9 Coy., Corps of Royal Engineers Bomb disposal 22-Jan-41 GC
GIDDEN, Ernest Oliver T/Lieut. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Bomb disposal 09-Jun-42 GC
GILLETT, Ivor John Acfm 1class Royal Air Force Self sacrifice at sea 03-Oct-50 GC
GIMBERT, Benjamin Mr. Driver, London & North Eastern Railway Ammunition train rescue 25-Jul-44 GC
GLEDHILL, Anthony John Constable Metropolitan Police Force Arresting armed suspect 23-May-67 GC
GOAD, Roger Philip Captain Explosives Officer, Metropolitan Police Bomb disposal 01-Oct-76 GC
GOAD, William Ld/Seaman Royal Navy Sea rescue 26-Jan-43 AM
GOLANDAZ, Abdus Samid Abdul Wahid Mr. Landlord, Prop Owner & Sand Contr. Flood rescue 04-Jun-34 EGM
GOLDSWORTHY, Leon Verdi T/Lieut. Royal Australian Naval Volunteer Res. Underwater bomb disposal 19-Sep-44 GC
GOODMAN, George Herbert T/Lieut. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Bomb disposal 15-Sep-42 GC
GOSSE, George Lieutenant Royal Australian Naval Volunteer Res. Bomb disposal 30-Apr-46 GC
GOUGH, John Ingram Mr. Miner, Bretby Colliery, Burton-on-Trent Underground rescue 17-Jun-30 EM
GRAVELEY, Reginald Cubitt Flg. Off. No.88 Squardon, Royal Air Force Air crash rescue 11-Nov-39 EGM
GRAVELL, Karl Mander Ld. Acfm Royal Canadian Air Force Attempted air crash rescue 11-Jun-42 GC
GRAY, Hector Bertram Flt.Lieut. Royal Air Force Fortitude as POW 19-Apr-46 GC
GRAY, Roderick Borden Flg. Off. Royal Canadian Air Force Air crash rescue at sea 13-Mar-45 GC
GRAZIER, Colin Ab.Seaman Royal Navy Retreiving documents 14-Sep-43 GC
GREGSON, John Sedgwick Apprentice Merchant Navy Shipboard rescue 02-Feb-43 AM
GUTHRIE, Stewart Graeme Sergeant New Zealand Police Gunman runs amok 18-Feb-92 GC


HABERFIELD, Kevin Sergeant Field In the field 31-July-15 GC
HALLER, Fred Mr. Dpt, Rossington Main Colliery, Yorks Underground gas rescue 20-Jan-39 EM
HAND, William George Sergeant 2nd. Bn., The Dorsetshire Regt Fighting in rebel ambush 02-Jun-23 EGM
HARDY, Benjamin Gower Private 22nd Australian Garrison Bn., AMF Foiled Jap POW escape 01-Sep-50 GC
HARRIS, Charles Thomas A/Sergeant Corps of Royal Engineers Conduct after explosion 22-Jan-18 EM
HARRIS, Roy Thomas Mr. ARP Engineers Service, Croydon Bomb disposal 17-Dec-40 GC
HARRISON, Barbara Jane Miss. Stewardess, BOAC. Airplane rescue 08-Aug-69 GC
HARRISON, George Willet Ab.Seaman Royal Navy Shipboard rescue 01-Jan-31 EGM
HARRISON, Leonard Henry Civilian Armament Instructor Air Ministry, RAF Shipboard bomb disposal 03-Jan-41 GC
HARWOOD, Harrie Stephen Ac/Mech.1cl Royal Flying Corps Prevented ammo explosion 19-May-16 AM
HAVERCROFT, Percy Roberts Mr. Miner, Waleswood Colliery, Sheffield Underground shaft rescue 22-Jun-17 EM
HAWKINS, Eynon Ab.Seaman Royal Navy Oil fire, sea rescue 29-Jun-43 AM
HAY, David George Montague Cadet Royal Naval Reserve Rescue at sea 08-Jul-41 AM
HEMEIDA, El Amin Effendi Yuzbashi Sudan Defence Force Conduct after explosion 23-Jun-36 EGM
HEMING, Albert Edward Section Leader CD Rescue Service Bombed church rescue 17-Jul-45 GC
HENDERSON, George Campbell Sub-Officer Gibraltar Dockyard Fire Service Self sacrifice in ammo fire 20-Nov-51 GC
HENDERSON, Herbert Reuben Mr. Employee, Film Treatment Works Prevented explosion 03-May-27 EGM
HENDRY, James Corporal No.1 Tunnel. Co, Corps of R.Can.Eng Warning of explosion 2-Apr-43 GC
HENSHAW, George L/Cpl. 1st Bn., The Queen's Royal Regiment Earthquake rescue 19-Nov-35 EGM
HESLOP, George Christopher Mr. Manager, Loftus Ironstone Mine, Yorks. Underground rescue 26-May-36 EM
HISCOCK, William Ewart A/Lt-Cdr Royal Navy Bomb disposal 16-Jun-42 GC
HODGE, Alexander Mitchell Sub-Lieut. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Rescue after bomb 02-Aug-40 EGM
HOLLOWDAY, Vivian Aircraftman First Class Royal Air Force Attempted air crash rescue 21-Jan-41 GC
HORSFIELD, Kenneth Corporal The Manchester Regiment, att. S.A.S. Ammo explosion rescue 23-Mar-45 GC
HOUGHTON, Frederick Leonard 2nd Lieutenant Warwickshires Removal of bomb 1917 AM
HOWARTH, Albert Ord Seaman Royal Navy Rescue at sea 02-Sep-41 AM
HUDSON, Murray Ken Sergeant Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment Grenade self sacrifice 11-Oct-74 GC
HUGHES, Joseph Driver Royal Army Service Corps Warning of explosion 26-Jun-47 GC
HUGHES, Kim Staff Sergeant, Royal Logistic Corps Afghanistan Multiple acts of bravery defusing IEDs 17-03-2010 GC
HULME, Thomas Mr. Mngr.,Parsonage Coll., Leigh, Lancs. Underground rescue 16-May-41 EM
HUMPHREYS, Patrick Noel Lieutenant Royal Navy Conduct after ship sank 12-Nov-37 EGM
HUTCHINSON, John Mr. Overman, Louisa Colliery, Durham Underground rescue(+3) 20-Jul-48 EM
HUTCHISON, Albert James Sergeant Highland Light Infantry Grenade rescue 04-Jan-18 AM


IDRIS, Taha Shawish Blue Nile Province Police Arresting armed policeman 02-Mar-34 EGM
INAYAT-KHAN, Noor Asst.Sect.Off. WAAF, secd. to FANY Espionage 05-Apr-49 GC
INWOOD, George Walter Sect-Cmdr. 30th Warwickshire Bn., Home Guard Bomb damage rescue 27-May-41 GC
ISLAM-ud-DIN Lance-Naik 6/9th Jat Regiment, Indian Army Grenade self sacrifice 05-Oct-45 GC


JAMESON, Thomas Mr. Agent, Bold Colliery, St.Helens Underground rescue (+1) 08-Oct-40 EM
JAMIESON, William Mr. Supdt., Ariston Gold Mine, Gold Coast Underground gas rescue 23-Jun-36 EGM
JEPHSON-JONES, Robert Llewellyn Captain Royal Army Ordnance Corps Bomb disposal 24-Dec-40 GC
JOHNSON, Barry W.O. 1 Royal Army Ordnance Corps Bomb disposal 06-Nov-90 GC
JOHNSTON, James Mr. Overseer, Mohpani Coll. of GIPR,India Underground rescue 19-Mar-26 EM
JOLLY, Richard Frank Commander Royal Navy Leadership after explosion 23-Dec-39 EGM
JONES, Benjamin Littler Mr. Quarryman, Llysfaen Quarry, Clywd Prevented explosion 09-Sep-38 EM
JONES, Ralph Private 22nd Australian Garrison Bn., AMF Foiled Jap POW escape 01-Sep-50 GC


KAVANAUGH, Robert Murray Mr. Dental Student Shark attack rescue 16-Oct-30 AM
KELLY, Cecil Francis Asst.River Surveyor Port Commission, Calcutta Prevented explosion 01-Feb-37 EGM
KELLY, Thomas Raymond Ab Seaman Merchant Navy Rescue at sea 10-Feb-48 GC
KEMPSTER, Andre Gilbert (COCCIOLETTI) T/Major Duke of Wellington's Regiment, RAC Grenade self sacrifice 09-Nov-43 GC
KENNEDY, James Stirratt Topping Security Officer BR Engineering, Glasgow Killed in payroll robbery 15-Aug-75 GC
KENT, Ernest William Workman Hackney Wick Station Attemped rescue 20-Dec-38 EM
KEOGH, Michael Sullivan Ch.Petty Off. Royal Naval Air Service Air crash rescue 14-Jan-16 AM
KHALIFA, Muhammad A/Shawish Berber Province Police Arrested armed gunmen 29-Sep-25 EGM
KHAN, Pir Subedar-Maj. Royal Engineers, Indian Army Rebel ambush rescue 28-Jun-40 EGM
KING, Richard Henry Mr. Miner, Hedley Pit, Co. Durham Underground rescue 20-Oct-31 EM
KINNE, Derek Godfrey Fusilier Royal Northumberland Fusiliers Fortitude as POW 13-Apr-54 GC
KNOWLTON, Richard John Ord.Seaman Royal Navy Air crash rescue 12-Dec-17 AM


LATUTIN, Simmon Captain Somerset LI, scd.Somalia Gendarmerie Ammunition fire rescue 10-Sep-46 GC
LEE, Walter Holroyd Mr. Workman,Wombwell Main Coll., Yorks Underground rescue 10-May-49 EM
LEWIN. Raymond Mayhew Sergeant 148 Sqn, RAF Volunteer Reserve Air crash rescue 11-Mar-41 GC
LITTLE, Robert Stead Fitter ICI, Blackley, Manchester Attempted rescue 06-May-41 EM
LISTER, Maurice Assistant Butcher Rescue 1918 AM
LLOYD, William Sub-Foreman Quibell Bros. Ltd, Newark Industrial rescue 09-Dec-27 EM
LOCKE, George L/hand steel erector Dorman Long Construction rescue 02-Mar-26 EM
LOW, John Niven Angus Lieutenant Royal Navy Submarine self sacrifice 16-Aug-40 EGM
LOWE, Alfred Raymond Boy, 1st cl. Royal Navy Sea rescue 08-Feb-49 AM
LUNGLEY, Alfred L/Sgt. 24th Mountain Brigade, Royal Artillery Earthquake rescue 19-Nov-35 EGM
LYNCH, Joseph Ch.Petty Off. Royal Navy Sea rescue 15-Jun-48 AM


MADDEN, Horace William Private 3rd Bn., Royal Australian Regiment Fortitude as POW 30-Dec-55 GC
MAHONEY, Herbert John Stoker P.O. Royal Navy Conduct during accident 23-Dec-27 EGM
MALTA Island only NOT individuals Fortitude during WWII 1940-1945 GC
MALTBY, Reginald Henry Staff Sgt. Royal Tank Corps Saved child from drowning 03-Jul-26 EGM
MANWARING, Thomas George Mr. Miner, Arthur & Edward Coll, FoD, Glos Mine flooding rescue 01-Nov-49 EM
MARCH, Frederick Hamilton Mr. Chauffer to Governor-General of Sudan Foiled assissination 05-Dec-24 EGM
MARTIN, Cyril Arthur Joseph T/Major Corps of Royal Engineers Bomb disposal 11-Mar-43 GC
MASON, Dudley William Captain Merchant Navy, (Master, SS Ohio) Saving his ship on convoy 04-Sep-42 GC
MATA DIN Lance-Naik 4th Bn., 19th Hyderabad Regiment Earthquake rescue 19-Nov-35 EGM
MATTHEWS, Lionel Colin Captain Corps of Signals, Aust. Military Forces Fortitude as POW 28-Nov-47 GC
MAXWELL-HYSLOP, Alexander Henry Lt.Cmdr. Royal Navy Conduct after explosion 11-Nov-29 AM
MAY, Phillip Robert Stephen Ld/Seaman Royal Navy Shipboard gas rescue 25-Nov-47 AM
McALONEY, William Simpson Aircraftman Royal Australian Air Force Air crash rescue 18-Feb-38 AM
McAVOY, Thomas Private 1st Bn, The Green Howards Petrol tanker fire rescue 25-Jul-39 EGM
McCABE, John A/Foreman Royal Ordnance Factory Warning of explosion 31-May-40 EGM
McCABE, John Mr. Drawer, Stanrigg Coll., Aidrie,Scotland Underground rescue 13-Jun-19 EM
McCARTHY, William Henry Debonnaire Boatswain Royal Navy Sea rescue 27-Jul-43 AM
McCLYMONT, John McIntosh Corporal Auxiliary Air Force Air crash rescue 19-Jul-40 EGM
McCORMACK, Thomas William Workman Jarrow Drydock, Co.Durham Shipboard gas rescue 23-Jul-09 AM
McKECHNIE, William Neil Flt.Cadet Royal Air Force Air crash rescue 18-Oct-29 EGM
McTEAGUE, Thomas Patrick Corporal Royal Air Force Air crash rescue 12-Apr-29 EGM
MEADOWS, Albert John A/storeman WA Gilbey Ltd., London Industrial gas rescue 29-Dec-31 EM
MEREDITH, William Herbert Lance Corporal Grenadier Guards Saving life 1916 AM
MERRIMAN, Arthur Douglas Dr. Exp.Officer, Dir. Sci. Research, MoS Bomb disposal 03-Dec-40 GC
MILES, Alfred Ab.Seaman Royal Navy Harbour rescue 29-Apr-41 AM
MILES, Leonard John Mr. ARP Warden Warning of explosion 17-Jan-41 GC
MILLER, Henry James Ab Seaman Royal Navy Submarine self sacrifice 16-Aug-40 EGM
MILLER, Thomas Frank Private 2nd. Bn., The Dorsetshire Regiment Fighting rebel ambush 02-Jun-23 EGM
MIRGHANY, Ahmed Muhammad Workman River Nile, Egypt Rescued girls from river 02-Jan-33 EGM
MITCHELL, John Henry A/2nd Hand Royal Naval Reserve Harbour water rescue 29-Apr-41 AM
MOHI-ud-DIN, Ghulam Sub-Insp. Punjab Police Riot control leadership 03-Jun-31 EGM
MOORE, Richard Valentine T/Sub-Lieut. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Bomb disposal 27-Dec-40 GC
MORRIS, Alfred Ernest Mr. Mill F/man, Ashanti Goldfields Corp.Ltd Mine plant rescue 04-Jul-24 EM
MORTESHED, Francis Austin Constable Royal Ulster Constabulary Arrested armed robbers 03-Jun-24 EGM
MOSEDALE, William Radenhurst Station Officer Birmingham Fire Bde Bomb damage rescue 28-Mar-41 GC
MOSS, Brandon Special Constable Coventry Constabulary Bomb damage rescue 13-Dec-40 GC
MOTT, Joseph Edward Private 1st Bn., The Essex Regiment Prevented explosion 25-Feb-38 EGM
MOULD, John Stuart Lieutenant Royal Australian Naval Volunteer Res. Bomb disposal 03-Nov-42 GC
MOXEY, Eric Lawrence A/Sqn.Ldr. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Bomb disposal 17-Dec-40 GC
MUHAMMAD, Muhammad Abdulla Nafar Khartoum Police Force Courage vs mutineers (+2) 12-Dec-24 EGM
MUNNELLY, Michael Joseph Mr. Journalist Self sacrifice in yob attack 29-Jun-65 GC


NAIRAC, Robert Laurence Captain Grenadier Guards Courage against the IRA 13-Feb-79 GC
NANDLAL THAPA Naik 2nd.Bn., 8th Gurkha Rifles, Ind Army Earthquake rescue 19-Nov-35 EGM
NAUGHTON, Frank Private 10th Light Tank Co., Royal Tank Corps River flood rescue 01-Feb-37 EGM
NEGIB, Ibrahim Sol Khartoum Police Force Courage vs mutineers (+2) 12-Dec-24 EGM
NEWGASS, Harold Reginald T/Lieut. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Bomb disposal 04-Mar-41 GC
NEWMAN, Alfred William Act. Mate Royal Navy Prevented ammo explosion 01-Mar-18 AM
NEWNHAM, Lanceray Arthur T/Colonel The Middlesex Regiment (DCO) Fortitude as POW 18-Apr-46 GC
NHS National Health Service Health to the Nation Work through the pandemic 05-July-2021 GC
NICHOLLS, Arthur Frederick Crane A/Brigadier Coldstream Guards, attd SOE Resistance activities 01-Mar-46 GC
NIGHTALL, James William Fireman London & N.Eastern Railway Ammunition train rescue 25-Jul-44 GC
NIVEN, George Paterson Ab Seaman Royal Navy Ammo explosion rescue 01-Jan-30 EGM
NIX, Frank Emery Mr. Deputy, Pilsley Colliery, Debyshire Underground mine rescue 21-Nov-44 EM
NORTON, Peter Allen Bomb Disposal officer RLC Saved life 24-July-2005 GC
NORWOOD, Percival Railwayman Saved life 1922 EM


'O'HAGEN, Leo Francis Explosives worker Royal Gunpowder Factory Prevented explosion 06-Feb-40 EGM
'O'LEARY, Patrick Albert, (GUERISSE, Albert) Lt.Cmdr. Royal Navy SOE agent; escape line 05-Nov-46 GC
'O'SHEA, John Michael The Rev. Parish Priest, Ireland Attempted sea rescue 30-Jun-24 EGM
OAKES, Wallace Arnold Mr. Locomotive Driver, British Rail Runaway train rescue 19-Oct-65 GC
OLIVER, Dick Ld/Seaman Royal Navy Shipboard gas rescue 02-Aug-28 AM
OMARA, Edwardo Mr. Game Scout, Uganda Killed marauding elephants 09-Oct-34 EGM
ORR, Samuel Sp.Hd.Cons Ulster Special Constabulary Arrested armed criminals 03-Jun-24 EGM
OSBORNE, Albert Matthew Ld. Acfm Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Aircrash fire rescues 10-Jul-42 GC
PARISH, Graham Leslie Sergeant Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Air crash self sacrifice 02-Apr-43 GC
PARKER, Edward Donald J. Pilot Off. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Air crash rescue 06-Aug-40 EGM
PATTON, John MacMillan Stevenson Lieutenant 1st.Bn.,Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers. Bomb disposal 17-Dec-40 GC
PEARSON, Joan Daphne Mary Corporal Women's Auxiliary Air Force Air crash rescue 19-Jul-40 EGM
PEARSON, Robert Workman H.Marsland Ltd., Stockport Industrial accident rescue 20-Oct-25 EM
POLLITT, James Mr. Miner, South Kirby Colliery, Yorkshire Underground rescue 17-Apr-36 EM
PRATT, Michael Kenneth Constable Victoria Police, Melbourne, Australia Arresting armed criminals 04-Jul-78 GC
PUGH, Herbert Cecil Sqn.Ldr.Rev RAF Volunteer Res., Chaplains Branch Shipboard self sacrifice 01-Apr-47 GC
PURVIS, James Sidney Mr. Pit lad, South Garesfield Coll., Durham Underground rescue 22-Nov-29 EM
QUINTON, John Alan Flt.Lieut. 228 Op.Conversion Unit, RAF Air crash self sacrifice 23-Oct-51 GC


RACKHAM, Geoffrey 2nd Lt Royal Army Service Corps, att. RHA Prevented ammo explosion 03-Jan-19 AM
RAHMAN, Abdul (also REHMAN) Havildar 3rd.Bn., 9th. Jat Rgt, Indian Army Attempted crash rescue 10-Sep-46 GC
RAM, Ditto Sowar Cent. India Horse, Indian Armd.Corps Helped wounded soldier 13-Dec-45 GC
RAM, Kirpa Naik 8th Bn, 13th Frontier Force Rifles, I.A. Grenade self sacrifice 15-Mar-46 GC
RAWENG, Awang anak Tracker Iban Tracker, Johore, Fed. of Malaya Guarding wounded soldiers 20-Nov-51 GC
REED, Henry Herbert Bombardier 1 Maritime A.A. Regt., Royal Artillery Shipboard self sacrifice 23-Sep-41 GC
REEVES, James Arthur Ch.Officer Merchant Navy Shipboard rescue 25-May-43 AM
RENNIE, John A/Sergeant Argyll & Sutherland Hldrs of Canada Grenade self sacrifice 26-May-44 GC
REYNOLDS, Edward Womersley Lieutenant 101 & 102 Bomb Disposal Sects, RE Bomb disposal 17-Sep-40 EGM
RHOADES, William Ernest Sergeant 6 Squadron, Royal Flying Corps Ammo dugout rescue 01-Jan-18 AM
RICHARDS, Richard Walter Mr. Shackleton Trans-Antarctic Exp. Polar exploration conduct 06-Jul-23 AM
RICHARDSON, Gerald Irving Superintendent Lancashire Constabulary Arresting armed criminals 14-Nov-72 GC
RIDLING, Randolph Gordon Lieutenant New Zealand Rifle Brigade Grenade training rescue 09-Dec-19 AM
RILEY, Geoffrey Mr. 14 year-old Schoolboy Flooded river rescue 03-Oct-44 AM
RIMMER, Reginald Sergeant Bombay Police Force Great courage & coolness 03-Jun-31 EGM
ROBERTSON, Paul Douglas A/Flt.Cmdr. Royal Naval Air Service Air crash rescue 18-Jun-18 AM
ROBINSON, Harry Mr. Deputy, Louisa Colliery, Co.Durham Underground mine rescue 20-Jul-48 EM
RODRIQUES, George David Asst.Surgeon Indian Medical Dept. Service during military ops 02-Jun-23 EGM
ROGERS, Jonathan Ch.Petty Off. Royal Australian Navy Shipboard self sacrifice 19-Mar-65 GC
ROGERSON, Sidney George A/Staff.Sgt. Royal Army Ordnance Corps Ammo. train rescue (+1) 11-Oct-46 GC
ROSS, Arthur Dwight Air.Comm. Royal Canadian Air Force Air crash rescue 27-Oct-44 GC
ROWLANDS, John Samuel A/W.Cmdr. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Bomb disposal 10-Aug-43 GC
RUC Police Force of Northern Ireland Force only NOT the individuals Conduct during the Troubles GC
RUSSELL, David L/Cpl. 22nd.Bn., 2nd New Zealand Exp. Force Resistance activities 24-Dec-48 GC
RYAN, Richard John Hammersley Lt.Cmdr. Royal Navy Bomb disposal 20-Dec-40 GC


SANSOM, Odette Marie Celine Mrs. Women's Transport Service (FANY) Espionage and POW 20-Aug-46 GC
SAUNDERS, Robert Benjamin Dr. Tebekwe Mine, Salisbury, Rhodesia Underground mine rescue 19-Aug-37 EM
SCHMID, Olaf Staff Sergeant, Royal Logistic Corps Afghanistan Multiple IED disposal 17-03-2010 GC
SCHOFIELD, Carl Mallinson Mr. Overman, Bold Coll., St.Helens, Lancs. Underground mine rescue 08-Oct-40 EM
SCULLY, James Patrick A/Corporal Pioneer Corps Bomb damage rescue 08-Jul-41 GC
SEAGRIM, Hugh Paul T/Major 19th Hyderabad Regt., att. Force 136 Fortitude as POW 12-Sep-46 GC
SEWELL, Stanley William Worker Royal Gunpowder Factory Prevented ammo explosion 06-Feb-40 EGM
SHANLEY, Joseph Mr. Deputy, Louisa Colliery, Co. Durham Underground mine rescue 20-Jul-48 EM
SHEPHARD, Samuel John Lieut Royal Marines Attempt to save life at sea 3-Aug-2013 GC
SHEPHERD, John William Hersey Mr. Workman, Palmers Shipbldrs, Jarrow Industrial gas rescue 14-Feb-30 EM
SILK, Joseph Henry Private Somerset Light Infantry Grenade self sacrifice 13-Jun-44 GC
SINGH, Baldev Sub-Insp. Punjab Police Force Attack on armed gang 01-Jan-32 EGM
SINGH, Barkat Naik 10th Bn., 2nd Punjab Regt, Ind Army Aprehended armed sepoy 01-Jan-38 EGM
SINGH, Bhim Yadava Sub-Insp. Punjab Police Murderer captured 01-Jan-32 EGM
SINGH, Bhupendra Narayan Shri Indian Civilian Assassination foiled 19-Jun-34 EGM
SINGH, Rangit Babu Revenue Officer, United Provinces,India Fighting rebels 01-Jan-35 EGM
SINCLAIR, Laurence Frank Wing Cmdr. 110 Squadron, Royal Air Force Air crash rescue 21-Jan-41 GC
SMITH, Anthony Chimney Sweep Civil Defence, Chelsea Bomb damage rescue 30-May-44 GC
SMITH, Charles Mr. Miner, Askern Main Colliery, Yorkshire Underground mine rescue 28-Jun-40 EM
SMITH, Kenneth Signalman Royal Corps of Signals, LRDG Self sacrifice, bomb 19-Oct-45 GC
SOULSBY, Oliver Mr. Miner, Bentley Colliery, Yorkshire Mine firedamp rescue (+5) 30-Sep-32 EM
SOUTHWELL, Bennett Ord Seaman Royal Navy Bomb disposal (+1) 23-Jan-41 GC
SPILLETT, Brian Mr. Detail Fitter Domestic fire rescue 29-Jun-65 GC
SPOONER, Kenneth Gerald Ld. Acfm Royal Canadian Air Force Airplane rescue attempt 07-Jan-44 GC
SPOORS, Robert Private 1st Bn., The West Yorkshire Regt (POW Own) Earthquake rescue 19-Nov-35 AM
STANNERS, John George Deckhand Royal Naval Reserve Shipboard fire rescue 16-May-18 AM
STEVENS, Henry William Constable Metropolitan Police Captured armed criminal 21-Oct-58 GC
STEWART, James Ernest Lt. Col. Corps of Royal Engineers Attempted trace 26-Jun-28 EGM
STOVES, John Principal Officer Pentonville Prison Attempted escape 23-Oct-28 EGM
STRONACH, George Preston Ch.Officer Merchant Navy Shipboard fire rescue 23-Nov-43 GC
STYLES, Stephen George Major Royal Army Ordnance Corps Bomb disposal 11-Jan-72 GC
SUBRAMANIAN Subedar Q.V's Own Madras Sappers & Miners Bomb shield 30-Jun-44 GC
SUFFOLK & BERKSHIRE, Earl of The Rt.Hon. Research Officer, Ministry of Supply Bomb disposal 18-Jul-41 GC
SYKES, Frank Mr. Miner, Bentley Colliery, Yorkshire Mine firedamp rescue (+5) 30-Sep-32 EM
SYLVESTER, William George Worker Royal Gunpowder Factory Explosives rescue 06-Feb-40 EGM
SYME, Hugh Randall Lieutenant Royal Australian Naval Volunteer Res. Bomb disposal 03-Aug-43 GC
SZABO, Violette Reine Elizabeth Ensign Women's Transport Service (FANY) Espionage 17-Dec-46 GC


TAHA, El Jak Effendi Shawish Khartoum Police Force Courage vs mutineers (+2) 12-Dec-24 EGM
TALBOT, Ellis Edward Arthur Chetwynd 2nd Lt 103 Bomb Disposal Sect., RE Bomb disposal 17-Sep-40 EGM
TANDY-GREEN, Charles William Sup. Engineer Bengal Public Works Dept. Assassination foiled 19-Jun-34 EGM
TAYLOR, George Arthur Morgan Mr. Vulcanologist, CBMR, PNG Volcanic danger averted 22-Apr-52 GC
TAYLOR, Patrick Gordon Captain Navigator & relief pilot, Civil Aviation Airplane rescue 09-Jul-37 EGM
TAYLOR, Robert George Mr. Newspaper advertising representative Bank robbery shooting 01-Aug-50 GC
TAYLOR, William Horace Sub-Lieut. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Bomb disposal 14-Jan-41 GC
TEMPERLEY, Samuel Jarrett Mr. Asst.Surveyor, Bentley Colliery, Yorks. Mine firedamp rescue (+5) 30-Sep-32 EM
THE ISLAND OF MALTA People Collective Award Heroism & devotion 15-Apr-42 GC
THE ROYAL ULSTER CONSTABULARY Force Collective Award Bulwark against terrorism 23-Nov-99 GC
THOMAS, Arthur Devere Railway Flagman London Underground Rail track rescue 31-Mar-31 EM
THOMAS, Dorothy Louise Miss. Nurse, Middlesex Hosp., London Explosion averted 02-Mar-34 EGM
THOMAS, Thomas Mr. Miner, Brynamman Colliery, Glamorgan Mine flooding rescue 06-Feb-34 EM
THOMPSON, Jenkin Robert Oswald Captain Royal Army Medical Corps Medical rescue services 02-Feb-45 GC
THOMPSON, Matthew Mr. Miner, Askern Main Colliery, Yorkshire Mine rescue (1 other) 28-Jun-40 EM
TOLLEMACHE, Anthony Henry Hamilton Flg. Off. 600 Squadron, Auxiliary Air Force Aeroplane fire rescue 06-Aug-40 EGM
TOWNSEND, Emma Jose Miss. Schoolgirl Fighting off a murderer 06-Sep-32 EGM
TROAKE, Frederick Henry Private 2nd. Bn., The Dorsetshire Regiment Rebel clearance (1 other) 02-Jun-23 EGM
TROULAN, Dominic Civilian Saving Life in Kenya 21-September-2013 GC
TUCKWELL, Stephen John Ab.Seaman Royal Navy Bomb disposal (1 other) 14-Jan-41 GC
TUNNA, Norman Shunter Great Western Railway Explosives rescue 24-Jan-41 GC
TURNER, Geoffrey Gledhill Lieut. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Bomb disposal 27-Jun-41 GC
TURNER, James Gordon Melville Radio Officer Merchant Navy Sea rescue 13-Oct-39 EGM
TUTTON, Cyril James Officer Parkhurst Prison, I.o.W. Captured escaped convict 18-Mar-27 EGM
TYLER, Albert Mr. Workman Cess-pit rescue 14-Feb-30 EM


VAUGHAN, Margaret (later Mrs. PURVES) Miss. 14 year-old Schoolgirl Tidal rescue 01-Nov-49 AM
WALKER, Carl Constable Lancashire Constabulary Foiled armed robbery (+1) 14-Nov-72 GC
WALKER, Charles Henry P.O. Cook Royal Navy Malta convoy rescue 15-Dec-42 AM
WALTON, Eric William Kevin T/Lieut. Royal Navy, Falklands Is.Dep. Survey Ice crevasse rescue 08-Jun-48 AM
WASTIE, Granville Charles Mr. Farmer Well rescue 06-Jun-30 EM
WATERFIELD, Albert Park-keeper Richmond Park, London Captured armed gunmen 30-Dec-22 EGM
WATERS, Terence Edward Lieutenant West Yorks.Regt., attd. 1st Bn, Glos. Regt Fortitude as POW 13-Apr-54 GC
WATERSON, William Plant workman GEC Co. Ltd. Gas plant rescue attempt 02-Apr-46 EM
WATSON, Victor Albert Flt. Lieut. Royal Naval Air Service Airship blaze rescue 08-Mar-18 AM
WELLER, John Mr. Workman Explosives rescue 03-Jun-44 EM
WELLER, Percy Barnard Mr. Workman Explosives fire rescue 24-Oct-41 EM
WESTERN, David Charles Mr. Schoolboy Frozen pond rescue 13-Aug-48 AM
WHITEHEAD, Thomas Atkinson Workman Tar distillers, Sunderland Plant rescue 05-Sep-22 EM
WILCOX, Charles Painter Birmingham Corporation High building rescue 30-Sep-49 EM
WILD, Robert Workman D.R.Cotton Mills, Rochdale Extinguished clothing fire 22-Oct-26 EGM
WILLETTS, Michael Sergeant 3rd Bn, The Parachute Regiment Bomb shield 22-Jun-71 GC
WILLIAMS, Osmond Elec.Foreman PWD, Sierra Leone Elec. power-cable rescue 29-Nov-32 EM
WILLIAMS, Sidney L/Cpl. 1/6th Bn., The City of London Regiment Gunpowder store rescue 30-Aug-18 AM
WILSON, Harry Mr. Miner, Harriseahead Colliery, Staffs. Mine flood rescue 22-Aug-24 EM
WILTSHIRE, Sidney Noel Pilot Off. Royal Air Force Areoplane crash rescue 31-Jan-30 EGM
WINTER, Gerald Mr. Agricultural Worker Areoplane crash rescue 28-Jun-40 EGM
WOLSEY, Hilda Elizabeth Miss. Nurse, Hanwell Asylum Lunatic asylum rescue 28-Mar-11 AM
WOODBRIDGE, Stanley James Flt.Sgt. 159 Sqn., RAF Volunteer Reserve Fortitude as POW 28-Sep-48 GC
WRIGHT, Mark Corporal 3rd Bn the Parachute Regiment Rescued comrades in mine-field. 6 Sept -06 GC
WOODING, Ernest Alfred. Warrant Elec Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Res. Rescued people from boat 13-Apr-45 AM
WYLLIE, George Cameron Sapper Corps of Royal Engineers Bomb disposal, St Paul's 30-Sep-40 GC


YAR, Ahmed Havildar 24th Mountain Brigade, Royal Artillery Earthquake rescue 19-Nov-35 EGM
YATES, Phillip William Mr. Miner, Bentley Colliery, Yorkshire Mine fire-damp rescue (+5) 30-Sep-32 EM
YEHIA, El Imam Constable Khartoum Police Force Strangled rabid dog 01-Jan-32 EGM
YEO-THOMAS, Forest Frederick Edward A/Wing Cmdr. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Espionage & escape 15-Feb-46 GC
YOUNG, Archibald Workman Roslin Explosives Factory Explosives fire rescue 01-Jan-17 EM
YOUNG, St. John Graham Lieutenant Royal Tank Regt, att.Indian Armd.Corps Minefield rescue (1 other) 20-Jul-45 GC
YOUNGER, William Mr. Deputy, Louisa Colliery, Co. Durham Mine fire-damp rescue (+3) 20-Jul-48 EM

George Cross Living Recipients as at 1st November 2021. The awards to Malta and the RUC and NHS are in perpetuity.




FINNEY, Christopher, GC


HABERFIELD, Kevin Howard, GC



LOWE, Alfred Raymond, GC (AM)


PRATT, Michael, GC


TROULAN, Dominic, GC


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